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My lovely beautiful gorgeous friend Bianca took some pictures of me in the spring and I love them so much I cannot even tell you

Last month I shot Backstreet Boys on their In A World Like This Tour in Moncton, New Brunswick. It was a big deal for me since they were the first concert I ever went to and inspired my love of concerts. Also, it’s surreal how much they look the same. There must be portraits of them aging an attic somewhere.

Check out the rest of the photos and a review over here.

Big thanks to my friend Patty for letting me take some photos of her around New York City a few months ago. She was fantastic to work with and put up with my weird requests (“So, just like, run back and forth a lot.”).

It’s been awhile, eh? I shot Hedley’s concert last night at the Aitken Centre in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Check out the photos here.

Hanhy pt 2! Nov 2013.

Leather and Heels. Dec 2013.

Leather and Heels. Dec 2013.

Hanhy. Nov 2013.

Melanie. Nov 2013.